Supporting the regional transition from oil dependency to local resilience

An Energy Decent Action Plan (EDAP) for the Sunshine Coast

Transition Town Sunshine Coast has been instrumental in initiating Australia's first Energy Descent Action Plan through our Time for an Oil Change course.

The Sunshine Coast Energy Decent Action Plan (SCEDAP) will be a strategic plan for how we can move from being a high energy use region to a low energy use one. The SCEDAP will be a user-friendly, inclusive and practical document for both local government and the community.

Please refer back to this site for updates and progress reports.

An Energy Descent Action Plan is:

  • A visioning and policy planning tool
  • A plan for the lead up to, during and after energy descent
  • A relocalisation of our society – the reversal of globalisation
  • A way to identify areas of society that will be affected by energy descent
  • A way to identify and timeline the construction of post-carbon infrastructure before the crisis hits
  • A way to identify regional vulnerabilities and opportunities
  • A tool to change society’s attitudes and behaviours
  • A method for establishing diversification strategies to ensure survival
  • It inspires people to feel empowered – to see a better future and to see their role in taking their community there, to get them to see the opportunities of turning a potentially catastrophic event into a positive and uplifting future
  • EDAPs are compiled in the spirit of inclusivity and openness
  • They create a sense that something positive and meaningful is happening
  • They are a process of community facilitation, education, information sharing and networking
  • EDAPs demonstrate workable partnerships between the community, key stakeholders and Council's commitment to finding solutions to climate change and peak oil
  • An EDAP is a way to build resilient and robust communities able to withstand the shockwaves and fallout from climate change and peak oil set to come our way
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